Monday, January 9, 2012

Quick Flipping Guide

I feel it is best to start out with a guide that is do-able by ANY player, Member or not!!!

Flipping is an art. It requires patience and practice in order to achieve the best results. Flipping also requires knowledge on the current market for high gross income.

The requirements for flipping are:

  1. A cash pile (any amount will do, but the more the merrier! I suggest at minimum 1000k, but the cash flows exponentially as your cash pile grows!)
  2. Open slots in the Grand Exchange (2 maximum for f2p, 6 for p2p)
  3. Patience
Flipping, although 99.9% successful, may result in a loss, especially if people buy items that are crashing or fold in on their patience.

How To:
  1. First, pick any item off of the grand exchange that you wish to flip. (avoid items that are crashing in the Grand Exchange)
  2. Buy your selected item in the Grand Exchange for 10%-20% over its original value (don't worry, you'll make it back in step  )
  3. After the item buys, note down the buy price
  4. Now, take that item and sell it on the grand exchange for 10%-20% under its original value.
  5. After the item sells, jot down the selling price.
  6. Calculate the difference of the Buy price and Sell price (Buy price-Sell price). This is your Margin, which boils down to the profit you will make per item.
  7. Now that you have a margin (if the value from step 6 was positive), go to the Grand Exchange and buy as much of the item you selected as possible (keep in mind that all items have a trade limit. You my be limited to 100 or perhaps 10,000 of a certain item, but you will still profit since you are buying in bulk: Trade Limit Table) using the Sell price from Step 5
  8. Now we require patience. it may take a few minutes or even up to a few hours for your item to buy in the G.E. (in times like these, i like to skill or go quest so i'm not idle and staring at a meter for a few hours)
  9. After your item has bought at bulk, it is time to sell your item using the Buy Price from step 3. Again, patience is required.
  10. After your items have sold, you should have made a significant amount of money with the Flip
  11. Congratulations! You have now learned the ways of flipping! To make this more effective, utilize all of your Trade Boxes in the G.E. with multiple items!
WARNING: It is important that you NEVER tell your items or its margins to ANYONE, as this leads to undercutting. In undercutting, a person will buy your items at a higher buy price and sell for a lower sell price, in order to prevent you from making money as well as profiting on their own.

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